Raisebook For Brokers

An easier, more efficient way to fill deals & increase spread

Through Raisebook, brokers can tap into a rapidly growing online pool of new Sophisticated Investors who previously would not have had access to their deal flow.

How do brokers benefit from the Raisebook platform?

Amplify Your Client List

Gain new clients by accessing an extensive database of verified high net worth investors with 708 certificates.

A More Streamlined Way To Fill Deals

The Raisebook platform makes for a more intuitive, stress-free funding process, enabling you to fill deals with minimum friction and effort.

Create Wider Spread

Raisebook complements your exisiting book of clients by providing you with the ability to fill each deal with a wider spread of investor.

Strong Scope For Exposure

Attract new high net worth clients by promoting your current opportunities and listing your professional profile, including analyst research.

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