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Zaige Waste Management


Zaige Waste Management owns, indirectly through its wholly owned subsidiaries, a well-established and profitable recycling business in Hebei Province, China that has been operational since 2009 (the Zaige Business). Currently, the materials processed and recycled by the Zaige Business are scrap steel and waste plastics (Scrap Materials). Once processed, the Scrap Materials are converted into crushed steel pellets, steel sheets, plastic chips, plastic granules and plastic industrial products (collectively, Finished Products). Once completed, the Finished Products are sold to various types of enterprises in China, including steel factories, trading companies and private traders.

The Company is also in the process of establishing a new segment of the Business which shall focus on the recycling of waste tyres (the Heibaojing Business). This segment will be operated by Hebei Heibaojing Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd, which is a limited liability company incorporated in the People’s Republic of China and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company

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