IP-Protected Sustainable Technology From Israeli Agricultural Tech Disruptor

The company: Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd (ASX:ROO) is an agricultural technology company focused on developing, producing and commercialising disruptive precision technologies that address severe weather conditions, water shortages and improved crop yield, and do so in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

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Offer Price
Oct 12, 2017

The company’s key business is the sale of root zone heating and cooling systems to greenhouse farmers and the development and commercialisation of "irrigation by condensation" irrigation systems with combined fertilisation and heating/cooling roots zone management.

Founded in Israel in 2009, Roots has international commercial operations across Israel, Australia and Spain, with planned expansion in the works.

An agricultural technology innovator

At the centre of Roots' business is its IP-protected, two-in-one root zone heating and cooling technology: Root Zone Technology Optimisation (RZTO).

This unique technology generates greater crop quality and yield, and reduction in energy consumption.

This technology has been implemented in a range of pilot and commercialised plants around the world. Initial R&D has already been completed for this product, and it is now in its commercialisation phase.

Additionally, the company has two technologies in R&D phase that address the aforementioned issues: irrigation by condensation and smart pipe fertigation and irrigation management.

Investment Highlights

  • Roots is uniquely positioned - it has developed the only known technology with two-in-one heating and cooling ground source heat exchange technology
  • Roots' disruptive technology is attracting significant attention in the rapidly growing ag-tech investment space
  • Clear path to commercialisation
  • The IP-protected RZTO product is already commercialised in Israel and Spain
  • Additional IP-backed products are in the R&D and pilot production phase
  • Experienced management and global leaders of Root-Zone Cooling
  • Revenue generated from financing - farmers are offered lines of credit based on their potential earnings and operations
  • Substantial progress to date - RZTO engineering and commercialisation has further advanced post field testing
  • Worldwide interest in all three innovative technologies is accelerating
  • Board and management have significant ASX, agricultural and buyout/trade-sale experience
  • $3.5 million has been invested to date
  • International commercial operations across Australia, Israel and Spain

The Offer

  • IPO to raise $5,000,000, for an issue of issue 25,000,000 CDIs at $0.20 per CDI.
  • Roots is incorporated in Israel - the requirements of Israeli laws state that registered shareholders have the right to receive a stock certificate, which does not permit the CHESS system of holding uncertificated securities. A Chess Depositary Interest (CDI) is a depositary instrument used by the ASX to allow international companies to trade.
  • CDI holders will have the same economic benefits of holding the underlying fully paid ordinary shares.
  • Funds raised will assist primarily with R&D, development and manufacturing, marketing and sales expenses, and business development expenses.

Capital Structure

Shares/CDIs Number
Shares currently on issue 15,000,000
CDIs to be issued pre-completion of the Offer 15,000,000
Bonus Shares to be issued to all pre-Offer Shareholders 1,500,000
Shares to be issued to seed capitalists 4,500,000
CDIs to be issued pursuant to the Offer 25,000,000
Total Shares/CDIs on completion of the Offer 61,000,000
Options Number
Options currently on issue 0
Options to be issued to employees, executives and consultants 700,000
Options to be issued between Sharon Devir and Boaz Wachtel 1,500,000
Options to be issued pursuant to the Offer 0
Total Options on completion of the Offer 2,200,000
Performance Rights Number
Performance Rights currently on issue 0
Performance Rights to be issued 9,400,000
Total Performance Rights on completion of the Offer 9,400,000
This deal closed on October 12, 2017