Pre-Sale Token Offer: Building Improvements on Leading AltCoin Ripple

ivyKoin is building a blockchain based cryptocurrency for business transactions.

The ivyKoin Network will enable Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Transaction (KYT), and Anti Money Laundering (AML) data supporting transactions to be captured using a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

It is anticipated that the ivyKoin Network will have architectural improvements compared to Ripple, who ivyKoin consider to be their closest peer - and the second largest AltCoin.

Raise Amount
Offer Price
Feb 9, 2018

Ripple currently has a market capitalisation of $38BN USD (as at 2nd Feb 2018), and has been as large as $72 billion USD (14 Jan 2018).

Ripple Tokens increased in value over 28,000% during 2017.

The past performance of this product is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. This product, like all other financial products, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect future performance.

ivyKoin’s implied market capitalisation, post raising, will be approximately 0.2% of Ripple’s.

However at the same time, please note the market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile and subject to strong fluctuations over short periods of time.

ivyKoin vs Ripple

ivyKoin Pre-Sale Offer Details

Ivy Koin LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, is currently undertaking a Pre-Sale of ivyKoin tokens ahead of a planned Token Generation Event (TGE).

ivyKoin is offering 150 million Pre-Sale tokens at a price of US$0.10, which will raise US$15 million for the company.

Raisebook is now accepting soft bids for IvyKoin’s Pre-Sale tokens.

The minimum investment is US$10,000.

Please read on below, and click on the link on this page to download the ivyKoin White Paper and Pre-Sale Presentation to fully inform yourself on information on the company and offer, and if interested, make a soft bid for tokens.

Please note that soft bids will not guarantee a firm allocation at this stage.

This Pre-Sale offer is expected to close on Friday 9th February, 2018, however ivyKoin reserves the right to close the pre-sale early, or extend, in its absolute discretion.

An investment in IvyKoin should be considered as high risk. Trading and/or investing in cryptocurrencies can be subject to bouts of high volatility and at times low volumes.

Please read the White Paper in full, paying particular attention to Section 9 – Risks.

We recommend you seek Professional Advice where you are unsure an investment in this product is suitable for you.

ivyKoin’s Estimated Circulating Supply Market Cap will be US$84 million post TGE

ivyKoin’s TGE is planned to occur in this quarter (Q1 2018).

Once the TGE occurs, the circulating supply market capitalisation will be US$84 million.

Note that this figure is an estimate only and the company does not guarantee that the figure will be realised. It is based on US $15 million raising and circulating supply at TGE. Non-circulating supply includes tokens reserved for the establishment of global financial partnerships, institutional partnerships, fiat to fiat hedging, and future token sales.

The Company proposes that the Tokens will be used as part of a digital platform which it also proposes to develop and which would facilitate payments (ivyKoin Network).

If implemented, token holders may have the ability to voluntarily de-anonymise transaction data to the satisfaction of financial institutions in order to facilitate transactions using cryptocurrency with the security and reliability of the blockchain.

Post Issuance Holdings - Total Tokens


ivyKoin Treasury - Used to facilitate ivySend transactions and other treasury functions.

Growth Pool - Used to incentivize partners including financial institutions to test and adopt ivyKoin.

Management and Advisory Pool - Incentivize current advisors and future management to join the company.

Token Sales - Includes all tokens sold up to the TGE, including all prior token sales and associated token based fees.

ivyKoin Reserve - Only used to fund further development and operating costs if required.

The ivyKoin Opportunity - A Highly Disruptive Superior Technology

Global financial institution payments are significant.

One platform, SWIFT, processes US$5 trillion per day, of US$1.25 quadrillion per year.

Compared to traditional payment networks, financial institutions wish to see varying information, depending on the purpose of the payment. However, currently, the data sent through all major networks (SWIFT, CHIPS,FEDWIRE, ACH) is very limited.

The benefits of cryptocurrency vs incumbent financial systems are well understood.

The cryptocurrency market is broadening and deepening at a rapid rate, with a current cryptocurrency coin market capitalisation of over US$420 billion (as of 2nd February 2018). Please note the market cap of cryptocurrencies is highly volatile and subject to significant fluctuations.

Whilst the advantages of and potential for these currencies is well recognised, anonymity has prevented wider mainstream adoption as there are a lack of financial institutions that support transactions involving cryptocurrencies.

The primary reason for this lack of support within the global banking and financial industry is due to the applicable regulation that requires certain transaction information that is inconsistent with anonymity.

When implemented, the ivyKoin Network will have distinct advantages over incumbent financial systems and competing cryptocurrencies.

The ivyKoin Network will enable KYC, KYT, and AML data supporting transactions to be captured using a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

It is intended that ivyKoin will collect transaction specific information based on payment type and make it easily accessible to financial institutions. Transaction data will be made available to satisfy the stringent requirements of financial institutions and intermediaries.

ivyKoin will be optimally designed for transactions with financial institutions, embedding far more compliance and transaction audit information than incumbent payment networks.

ivyKoin seeks to bridge the gap between current global financial systems and the emergence of cryptocurrencies, positioning itself as the future for global payments.

Comparison to Incumbent Financial Systems

When implemented, the ivyKoin Network will be far more descriptive than the existing systems and processes.

When fully developed, the primary differences between the ivyKoin Network and traditional payment networks will be that the ivyKoin Network:

  • will securely facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrency payments while associating KYC and KYT data via the trusted, distributed ivyKoin network;
  • will securely store an immutable reference to supporting transaction data in a public blockchain;
  • will embed more KYT information into the transfer than traditional payment methods;
  • will embed more KYC information into the transfer than traditional payment methods;
  • will be able to be integrated into existing banking software;
  • will offer easy integration into accounting software for bookkeeping efficiency, and;
  • will provide revocable access to KYC/KYT data to financial institutions, accountants, company managers and others, depending on the information they require.

In regards to KYC and KYT, frequently used incumbent payment formats typically support collecting relatively few data points. The table below indicates the approximate volume of KYC/KYT data points included in a typical transaction:

Depending on the type of financial transaction being performed, it is anticipated that the ivyKoin Network will allow for the inclusion of more than 120 different KYT data points and more than 70 different KYC data points in transaction messages.

A convenient way to categorise these data points is according to the documentation source from which they might originate:

ivyKoin’s technology would be particularly useful for transactions exceeding $10,000 which require extensive verification in the international monetary system, as it is intended that its technology will embed far more Know Your Transaction (”KYT”) and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) information into payments than incumbent payment networks.

Summary of Key Details of Offer

Pre-Sale Offer Closes¹ Friday 9th February 2018
Pre-Sale Tokens Offered 150 million²
Pre-Sale Token Price US$0.10
Amount Raised from Pre-Sale US$15 million
Token Generation Event Q1 2018 (estimate)
Circulating Supply Market Capitalisation US$84 million³


1. ivyKoin reserves the right to close the Pre-Sale early or extend it in its absolute discretion.

2. ivyKoin reserves the right to vary the amount raised in its absolute discretion, subject to the maximum total ivyKoin supply of 1.5 billion. This figure is an estimate only and the Company does not guarantee that this figure will be realised.

3. This figure is an estimate only and the Company does not guarantee that this figure will be realised. Based on US $15 million raising and circulating supply at TGE. Non-circulating supply includes tokens reserved for the establishment global financial partnerships, institutional partnerships, fiat to fiat hedging and future token sales.

Use of Proceeds

Staffing 35%
Technology Development 30%
Marketing 30%
Other Overheads 5%


1. The above excludes listing fees and costs of the offer.

2. This breakdown is an estimate only, and the Company reserves the right to use any and all proceeds as it sees fit and in its absolute discretion.

This deal closed on February 09, 2018