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Broo Limited (ASX: BEE) is an Australian beer company that currently focused on the Chinese market, the largest market in the world for beer consumption, and has recently secured a 5 year agreement with one of China's largest brewing and packaging beer companies to undertake production and distribution of Broo Premium Lager within China. Production and packaging will be undertaken by Jinxing Beer Group, a prominent Chinese brewing company and distribution by Henan Liquor via its large distribution network and 260 retail outlets.

China has seen significant increases in the demand for, and consumption of, international alcoholic beverage brands thereby creating a vast opportunity for Broo to capitalise on its Australian brand.

The company is also continuing to receive interest from international beverage distributors located in the USA, Asia, and Europe in relation to Broo products. Discussions will continue in order to evaluate these commercial opportunities.

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Sep 20, 2016

Broo has secured registered trademarks for the Broo Premium Lager and Australia Draught Beer brands in Australia and internationally. Broo is also currently assessing sites to build a brewing facility in Australia to expand production and reduce overhead costs.

The company is looking to raise up to $15 million via the IPO and will use those funds to:

  • Provide further funding to increase the production, distribution and sale of Broo Premium Lager and Australia Draught Beer in the Australian market;
  • actively seek out opportunities to acquire or lease plant and equipment to establish its own brewing facility operations in Australia;
  • Facilitate expansion into the Chinese beer market; and
  • Undertake research and development activities to further develop the Company’s range of products.
This deal closed on September 20, 2016