Welcome to Raisebook: What to expect

One of the most common pain-points that gets aired about the investment space is that it tends to be trapped in an archaic bubble — that it still operates within the same old-school networks and practices as it did thirty-odd years ago, and isn’t overly enthusiastic about moving with the times.

While this might paint an unflattering picture of a very successful industry, it’s not wildly inaccurate — it’s hardly a space renowned for being particularly progressive or innovative.

But this kind of stuffy climate is starting to fade out to make room for a fresher, more tech-savvy scene —and, in turn, a new generation of digitally engaged investors.

Today, more and more investors are researching potential investment opportunities online - and generally directly from their phone.

Integral to this new crop of investors are emerging technologies that make room for a more streamlined, intuitive investment experience.

This is where the Raisebook platform comes in.

We’re embracing this digital age, developing user-centric, mobile first, proprietary technology to transform the way investors connect with capital markets.

In fact, it’s that aforementioned stuffy climate — the Wolf of Wall Street-esque stereotype that doesn’t do the finance industry many favours — that influenced the creation of Raisebook in the first place.

Raisebook is an online platform which envisions a very different, tech-injected way of investing.

Different how?

Based in Melbourne, Raisebook was founded three years’ ago by the entrepreneurial team behind StocksDigital, a specialist digital marketing agency which connects ASX companies to investors. In turn, this experience in mapping out the investor experience has influenced the way Raisebook redefines investor connections.

The Raisebook platform is informed by tech-infused forms of exchange like crowdfunding, the sharing economy, and peer-to-peer ecosystems. So it has a lot in common with digital marketplaces like Realestate.com and app technologies like Uber and Airbnb.

Like these kinds of mediums, the Raisebook platform offers heightened transparency, a more streamlined experience and an even playing field.

In contrast to the more traditional model of investment relations, Raisebook is about removing barriers, providing a clear pathway to the kinds of unique, early-stage deals that you might hear about from “elite” circles, but wouldn’t necessarily be able to access.

Curated investment opportunities

The offerings we’ll show you are selected by the Raisebook team, with consideration of their growth potential.

This deal selection is pretty diverse – these offerings come from both ASX and unlisted companies, and are situated in a range of market sectors from resources and tech, to green energy, medical cannabis and cryptocurrency.

Our deals come in the form of seeding opportunities, pre-IPOs, IPOs, and private placements. The emphasis is on early-stage opportunities, generally small to micro cap sized companies, giving investors the chance to follow companies through periods of accelerated growth and across their lifecycle.

Why early stage? These kinds of deals have potential to deliver high returns, making them especially enticing to growth investors. However at the same time, they’re also high-risk, and aren't investments suited to everyone.

This is also why a lot of the deals you’ll see here are restricted to high net worth / sophisticated investors only (as outlined by the Corporations Act) and therefore require a verified certificate from an accountant attesting to an investor's qualification under s708 of the Corporations Act.

To satisfy the requirements for being classed as a Sophisticated Investor, you will have either: A gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000; or net assets of at least $2.5 million.

What to expect?

Here’s an idea of what you can do on the Raisebook platform, and what you’ll get from us.

  • You can browse a carefully curated range of offers, which will depend on your investor status as either sophisticated or retail (i.e. 'not' sophisticated under s708 of the Corporations Act);
  • If you are a high net worth investor, you’ll get access to the latest s708-only deals, including stock placements in the secondary market and pre-IPO / seed funding opportunities;
  • As a high net worth investor, you can securely submit and store your s708 certificate (with safe, simple verification);
  • All investors on the platform can track a selection of deals in a variety of market sectors including resources, tech, small cap, ethical/sustainable, biotech and pharma, cryptocurrency and blockchain, and food and beverage, all on the one platform;
  • You can also specify which of these sectors you’d like exposure to (and which you’d prefer not to see, if relevant);
  • You can bid via the Raisebook platform on offers that interest you;
  • We’ll let you know if your bid is successful and update you with any relevant information;
  • You can follow companies of interest across the whole company lifecycle – from startup to stock exchange listing and beyond;
  • You can fine-tune your own platform experience according to your individual investment preferences.

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