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Raisebook is Australia’s leading online platform for providing Sophisticated Investors direct access to targeted early stage ASX and private investment opportunities, including IPOs, private placements and seeding opportunities.

Raisebook was developed to streamline the investment process for high net worth individuals. Our approach is entrepreneurial and grounded in smart technology, transforming stock market connections and experiences one capital raising at a time.

Raisebook is a digital marketplace which breaks down the traditional barriers to early stage investment opportunities by presenting a selection of carefully curated deals on the one platform.

We aim to empower Sophisticated Investors by offering them greater transparency and control over their wealth-building experiences, by providing them with exposure to deals that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

Unique Access

Gain access to a selection of early stage, high-end investment opportunities previously only available to a privileged few.

Simple Verification

Easy and secure verification of your high net worth certificate means you can explore and participate in deals restricted to Sophisticated Investors, including options and placements.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Gain entry to a range of ASX and private deals in a variety of sectors, including tech, resources, small cap, biotech & pharma, food & beverage, and ethical & sustainable, all on the one platform.

Get Connected

Connect with stockbrokers and companies whose investment philosophies and approaches correspond with your own.

Customize Your Experience

Want exposure only to green and socially responsible deals? Interested in following investment opportunities in the up-and-coming food & beverage sector? Tailor the types of deals you see using our market sector and industry preference settings.

Get Ahead

Tap into a variety of prime benefits and advantages by becoming a priority user.

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